songs of the dao


words and music
voices, guitars and tubular bells - barry spendlove

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I like a cup of green tea, it brings me clarity
Helps me find some sanity, living in the busom of the family
Maybe I find equality, it's hidden here in this society
please let there's be unity, here in the plnetary,
I know that there's integrity, here in the planetary
I know there is integrity, we learn it in this university

Fusing our polarities, into deep neutrality
Fusing our polarities into Yuan chi
somewhere between gravity and levity is sanity
Reversing polarities, steaming dualities
leads to immortality, cosmic joke hilarity
Leading to simplicity, in this taotality

I like a cup of green tea, it gives me clarity
Blending spirituality into physicality
Fusing spirituality into immortality



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