songs of the dao - lyrics

Let's Shake

words and music barry spendlove

voices, guitar - barry spendlove
bass, lead guitars - jimi brennan

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Let's shake, let's shake, relax the body and let it shake
Shake the bones, shake the glands, relax the shoulders and shake down to the hands
Shake the ears, shake the nose, wriggle the hips and shake down to the toes.
Shake the testicles and the ovaries, shake the bladder and the kidneys

Shaking into the heart, open it up to Cupid's dart,
feel love and joy and happiness, give the body a sweet caress.

Hips knees ankles, shoulders, elbows and wrists, let them shake and spiral and twist.
Shake the bones, all wtwo hundred and six, shaking in the health, as we shake out the sick.

Earth loves me, heaven loves me, I love me, I love everybody.
Hoo Hoo.

Look out the crown, see the green and the blue, let the colours spiral into you.
Flushing out toxins and stagnant chi, from thr heart, sleen, lungs, liver and kidney
Feel the the suction under the feet, as the earth absorbs this energy treat.
Cloudy, sticky, stagnant stuff, the earth can't seem to get enough.

Earth loves me, heaven loves me, I love me, I love everybody.

Dissolve the brains,down to the heart, dissolve and blend, so you can't tell them apart.
Shake it down, deep into the belly, dissolve and blend and shake it like jelly.
All three minds fused into one, beaming out a smile like the setting sun.

Earth loves me, heaven loves me, I love me I love everybody.

Shake the lymph, shake the blood, shake the fire, earth, metal, water and wood.
Shake the pineal, and the pituitary, thyroid, thymus, prostate, ovary.
Shake your bowels, shake your tum, shake your hips, shake your bum,
Shake, don't hesitate, let all yur cells vibrate

Shake your brains, to the jade pillow, C7, T11, ming meng, let it flow.
Let the vertebra and the discs expand, chi, flowing round and around.
Shake your lungs, breathe in the air, oxygenated blood flowing everywhere.
Every cell invites the oxygen in, every cell, gets its fill.

Earth loves me, heaven loves me, I love me, I love everybody.

Feel the heels, vibrate into the ground, vibrate the room, vibrate the town.
Feel the earth vibrate into you and the planets and sun and moon.

Open up to the earth, feel the mothers rebirth.
open up to the stars, they know who you are.
you are part of them, part of their stem cell.
Earth loves me, heaven loves me, I love me, I love everybody.

Decrease the shaking, let the movements slow, feel the energy bodies vibrate and glow.
Align the palms and bring them in, feel the resistance thickening.
Pull them apart and feel the attraction, concertina the palms and feel the reaction.
Stand and smile to your dan tien, feel the universe within.

Earth love me heaven loves me I love me, I love everybody
Inner Smile, Inner Style .

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