songs of the dao - lyrics

Jing and Shen

voices, guitar and amerindian flute - barry spendlove
bass, lead guitars - jimi brennan

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Jing and Shen  Are together again
Dancing in the Yi   As happy as can be
The Hun and Po   Are supporting the show
Clapping and stamping their feet   To the hearts steady beat

Jing and Shen   Are making love again
Producing Yuan Chi   High vibration symphony
Steaming polarity   Dissolving duality
Kidney water heart fire   Reverse and merge with desire

Sun and Moon   Higher octave of a similar tune
Higher vibration Yuan Chi   Solar plexus Symphony
Planetary Jing and Shen   Copulating in the Earth Cauldron
Volcanic fire   In the deep ocean of desire

Earth and Sun   Pulsating in Saturn  
A higher aspect of Jing and Shen   Making love in the heart cauldron
Stella Chi   Flowing down on me
Pole Star in Upper Tan Tien   Black hole absorbing everything

Immortality   Beckoning me
Into the deep Wu Chi   Can this be happening to me?
Energy bodies like a Russian Doll   All Cauldrons fit inside the upper one
Cooking on low heat   Swaying to the heart beat

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