songs of the dao

Let me take you to the Uterus
barry spendlove

voices and guitar barry spendlove
guitars mick sawtell

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let me take you to the uterus,  ovarian breathing makes you beauteous
suck the essence out of the egg,  up the spine and in to the head
energise the jing, chi and shen,  let it flow down the front and do it again

let us activate the uterus,  massage the breast smile to the uterus
smile and let the hormones flow,  be aware that your face is a glow
smile like a goddess to the god within,  expand arousal to orgasmic feeling

lets explore that deep dark space,  from which emerged the human race
suck in your cheeks and let the uterus breathe,  ovaries open, ready to conceive
orgasmic energies inviting the shen,  sperm and eggs, creation again

let me take you to the prostate gland,  if you can't find it boys i'll give you a hand
remember that feeling on a saturday night,  your head is spinning and your bladder is tight
under the bladder there is a sphere,  two tubes go in but only one reappears

let us activate the prostate gland,  smile, massage and tap the prostate gland
squeeze the perineum and pull up the sack,  to draw the essence of the sperm up the back
into the sea of jing in the head,  let it flow down the front and do it again

sperms are programmed not to hesitate,  a billion aquanauts want to ejaculate
we need to draw the essence out first,  circulate it through our micro-universe
energising every star system within,  absorbing love and joy into the jing

let me take you to the dan tien,  expanding out and back again
expanding out beyond the galaxies,  contracting back into the deep wuji
complete the cycle of creation,  the clouds & rain and the rising sun


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