songs of the dao - lyrics

Wear a Smile

words and music barry spendlove

voices, guitar - barry spendlove
bass, lead guitars - jimi brennan

download audio file here

You're never fully dressed, you're never fully blessed
You'realways out of style, unless you wear a smile
A smile that reaches to the feet, that gets you off your comfy seat
Dancing to the hearts steady beat an Inner Smile to make you complete

You're never fully blessed, you're always feeling stressed
You're shattered after a mille, unless yu wear a smile
A smile that lights up infinite space, deep in the body but seen on the face
A smile that flows from deep within and lights up your face with a beaming grin

I love my heart, my heart loves me, I kiss my heart, my heart kiss me
I hug my heart, my heart hugs me, I am my heart, my heart is me

I love my spleen I love my lungs, I love my kidneys and my liver and my tongue
I love my jing, I love my chi, I love my shen, they all love me

I love my body, I love my souls, my shen my zhi, my yi, my huns and my poes
I love my lymph, I love my blood, I love my body when it's feeling good

I love my thoughts, I love my feelings, I even love my wheelings and my dealings
I love the sun, I love the moon, I love march, April, May and June

I love my love, my love loves me, my hearts in love with my kidneys
I love my love, my love is me, my love love's you, love'
s love is true

When you are depressed and in need of being de-stressed
Relax for a while, re-activate yoursmile
A smile that radiates out and in, A beaming smile a beaming grin
A smile that thaws the frostiest face, radiating love and grace

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