The Dao of Everyday Living

Living Life from the Core!

Bringing the sublime into our daily reality

Breath leads to movement, the core and structure;
bringing vitality and patience;
which allows harmony, love and joy.
Thats Qigong, it's simple

It's living it in the moment, every moment, that is the challenge

During this Course we play with the essence of this.
We allow our Dao practices to transform our Everyday Life and our Relationships,
so that our Everyday Life becomes the essence of our practice.


This Weekend is simply about transforming our Everyday Life with our Practice
and observe our Practice transforming our Everyday Life and our Self.

Life/Self - one supports the other.

The task is to bring our Breathing, our Structure, our Tan Tien, QiGong, Meditation, Tai Chi, Alchemy,
our Dance, our Yoga, Reiki, Ayeveda , our Psychotherapy, our Sport, our Pleasure, our Love, our 4 Dmensional Life;
all we've learned, all we know, all we are, all we aspire to, everything into the moment.
All of our conscious, unconscious, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual being;

absolutely centered, focussed and aware, in the present moment, in every present moment.

The task is to feel focussed awareness in every part of our Daily Life.
Our washing, cleaning, tidying, polishing, gardening, working, driving
ironing, watching television, cooking, loving, receiving love, being a partner, mother, father, mate.


We work inside the body as we work and play inside the house, car garden workplace and relationship.
As we clean the windows we bring clarity to our vision and appreciate some tendon stretches.
As we clean the cooker we smile into our digestive organs and all the movements we make cleaning the cooker transforms our Stomach.
As we clean the Bathroom so it shines and sparkles we clear our Intestines.


The most unpopular jobs can turn out to be a deliciously enjoyable, life transforming experience.











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