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Our sexual energy is so much more than we realise in our culture, it involves vitality, empowerment, creativity, spiritual energy as well as pleasure and the survival of the species. It is aninheritance from our parents that we all too easily throw away through ignorance and poor useage.
Connecting with, gathering, cultivating, circulating and storing our sexual energy gives us a wealth of health, virtue, wisdom and self assurance.
Not understanding this resource within us is like living in a house that contains the full larder of a gourmet health food restaurant but not realising it is there.During this weekend we discover the depths of many different aspects of our magical sexual nature; deep in the unspoilt, wild, magical, natural temples of North Wales. We use the natural energy of Spring with its fresh green growth and all its beautiful flowery colours to help us form a relationship with all aspects and dimensions of our sexual self and use this energy to bring health to the body and feed the soul.

The shamanic alchemical daoists ‘take’ on creation is that our original self is birthed from the wujiFrom this pre-cosmic womb our Original Spirit appears. There is no male or female, no sexual tension, there's no sexual identity - there is unity. Our primordial substance (jing); our energy/inner breath (chi) and our intelligence/spirit (shen) were one, still merged together inside the cosmic egg, a vegetative deity that bursts forth into fullness out of thin air and begins having a type of primal sex in which the polar male and female forces, living within the same consciousness, starts multiplying.
The Tao Te Ching’s famous verse 42 - Tao births one, one births two, two birth three, the three birth the ten thousand things, describes this process of our original breath, or yuan chi, polarizing itself into yin and yang. The sexual friction between yin and yang births our prenatal self, into an intermediate dimension called Early Heaven. This “formless” early heaven realm is not entirely formless, as it holds subtle energetic shapes, a moving friction between yin and yang. Early heaven has both sexes, the androgynous nature of this phase of our being. We held both elements within a single Energy Body and because we still had a lot of neutral chi at the core of that body, those two sexed elements were perfectly in harmony,identifying each aspect of themselves as part of one whole, a unified sense of self. Then somehow we make a transition from our prenatal or Early Heaven self to our postnatal or Later Heaven physical self. In the process of shifting from an almost formless energetic dimension into our physicality, we split apart our male-female Energy Body. We enter into either a male body or a female body.

So here we are today, a few million years later, trying to figure out what happened. We are still running around trying to complete ourselves "Where is my other half?" We keep looking for this perfect partner, so that we can go back to being our whole androgynous self that had both halves.In order for this story to be perfect and have a happy ending,
we have to bring the two halves of ourself together. This is what Sexual Alchemy is about bringing all the separate fragments of our self together.

The first three stages of this Sexual Alchemy are Healing Love in which we start the process of refining our sexual energy, opening up pathways in the body to circulate and store this creative, inspirational power.This boosts our vitality, nourishes our organ spirits and brings health to our deepest hidden spaces. Fusion of the Five Elements brings our separate 5 element streams of being into one. We use this matrix to recycle our emotional energy into a neutral chi that we transform into a useful pearl of unconditional loving compassion. Inner Sexual Alchemy couples our polarised fire and water, male and female energies together,
The process of birthing ourself begins.