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An Introduction to Daoist Shamanic Internal Alchemy

In the first part of the course we learn simple Iron Shirt Qi Gong, which allows our body to show us what our individual perfect structure is and we begin the process of regaining it.
This skeleton structure unifies our body and connects it deeply into the earth. While practicing this, we discover the possibilities of improving our breath by utilising the diaphragm to facilitate ‘Complete Breathing’ maximises the oxygen content in the blood while releasing toxinsand brings movement and life to our vital organs.
We learn how to drink the energy of life.

This deep breathing seems to expand from, and contract to the centre of our belly, a deep infinite space within us, a portal into our core self. We learn to express our self, our movement, our life from here.

We discuss Taoist Five Element theory and use the Inner Smile to discover our internal five elements and connect with the intelligences of these elementsthat reside within our organs.

We utilise Six Healing Soundsthat vibrate in our organs to release stagnant energy, tension and toxins.We combine the Inner Smile and Six Healing Sounds
with a Shamanic Five Animal QiGong form in which the movements stimulate the meridians, create movement in the organs and lengthen the tendons. Between each animal movement we smile into the organ intelligences/soulsand grow the virtues that reside there.

We learn 7 Directional/5 Element Toningto honour and align with the forces of the directions, and open up space inside our body.

In the second part of the course we begin by reviewing and deepening our exÅer channel that flows down the front of the body. We use meditation, shamanic journeying and Qi Gong to focus our awareness in these channels and bit by bit become sensitive to the flow of Qi circulating the body.
We soon feel the balance returning to our system. We connect to earth, to nature, to solar forces and stellar forces; circulating them through our orbit to support our Qi.

We learn about Sexual Health and bring our awareness to the Uterus and Prostate. These deep, dark, areas of the body in our sexual centre are often unconscious spaces within us where stagnant energy can later manifest as health problems. We shine the light of our conscious mind into these areas.
We become stronger and more able to resist illness and stress. We connect with our sexual essence and circulate this powerful creative force
to nourish our organs and feed our souls. We learn how to integrate the practices in our daily lives.

These techniques/practices allow us to sink our consciousness from the head to the belly, reduce our thinking and to feel the peace and vitality within.

We begin the process of clearing out the old, reducing our habitual emotional patterns, accepting the fresh new life force of the present moment and increasing our virtues.

We cover a lot of ground but some of the practices are very simple,
the emphasis is on bringing the essence of the practice into our daily life.

Although no previous experience is needed for this course, these are powerful internal practices. A beginner will get immediate benefits, but an experienced Tai Chi, Yoga, Tantric or Shamanic practitioner will receive more benefit.

The Art of the Daoist Shaman Alchemistis to relax and become one with nature, 
to become one with the earth, to become one with the cosmos, to become one with the primordial source  and most importantly, to become one within him/herself.We are supported in these transformational practices by the earth, the solar system,by our galaxy and our universe and its source. The Daoist Shamanic/Shawombmanic Alchemist feels the earth, the solar system, the galaxy and the universe and its source within him/her self. Wheels within wheels, within wheels, deep in the core of our being, deep in our belly.
Our oneness - our yin, yang, yuan (negative, positive, neutral),our five elements, our eight forces and the trillion things are all rooted deep within us. 
We learn to relax, move and express our life from this core space.
The Daoist Shaman doesn’t have a concept of heaven/hell, but does have a sense of heaven/earth and also a sense of pre-heaven/post-heaven - before creation/after creation.
These are not concepts to the Dao Shaman, they are not ideas - thoughts floating around in the head,
they are felt as sensations in the body.
They are not sensed as feelings, they are felt as sensations.
The early alchemist shamans were aware of energy flows in the earth, in themselves different ways.
It spiralled up, a rising force: they used fire to describe this movement, or it spiralled down a sinking force: they used water to describe sinking force. Energy also spiralled out or spiralled in - expansion force and contraction force.
They used wood to describe expanding force and metal to describe  contracting force. The early alchemists also discovered that energy can be still and they used earth to describe stillness. It is not an empty stillness though, earth contains all the elements, all the polarities andwhen expansion, contraction, rising force and sinking force are all together; there is stillness.  The earth has its ley-lines - earth meridians, we have our own meridians. The earth has its five elements and their intelligences, spirit beings and souls. We have our internal five elements, intelligences, spirit beings and souls. Just as the earth is a community we are a community, a community of souls, each coming from different places into a body with the intention to form a unity, while keeping their individual integrity. Unfortunately when we birth into this world our inner soul family forgets its original intention and instead of becoming a team, they tend to become a dysfunctional family with their own personal agendas.
We have 3 deep seas called elixir fields in the body that will eventually become one. The lower Dan Tien - the physical centre, deep in the belly, the middle Dan Tien - the feeling centre near the heartand the upper Dan Tien - the spiritual centre in the head.We tend to be centred in the head. We are led to believe that our intelligence is there - in the brain. The brain can be compared to the processor of a computer which has no intelligence. The processor s a duality, it has a binary code - a language of two - on/off yin/yang.
It processes information, it follows instruction.
The computer’s intelligence is in its software, it has many different streams of intelligence - windows, word, excel, photoshop etc.

A human being is quite a complicated structure, like a large Company,
it has many different departments,
each with different functions and responsibilities.

We could say our organ intelligences are our Board of Directors, our Lower Dan Tien is our Boardroom, where all our intelligences meet. Our head is reception, every thing comes through reception and hopefully there is enough intelligence in reception to direct the incoming information to the correct department. We find that life is much better when we live it from our Board Room, the core of our being, rather than Reception.

All the Chinese healing modalities are involved in bringing balance to these five streams of intelligence. The Shamanic Alchemist utilises these five element soul streams to unify our innerfamily; soon we discover that the whole is much more than the sum of the separate parts and we can birth our full potential.


For Course information, reservations and general enquiries contact Barry ,
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