We will visit this tree, a 4000 year old Yew tree.
its the oldest living thing in Wales
and one of the oldest living things in the world.

It is situated in the grounds of an old church,
or rather an old church is situated in the grounds of the tree.

The tree itself is near some megalithic stones.

So a very special place of powerful earth where
ceremonies have been conducted through many eras
up to the present day. We will play our part.


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Iron Shirt QiGong

We will spend as much time as possible practicing in nature
enjoying and utilising the fresh Spring energies of the Welsh landscape

Deeply, we will explore our Iron Shirt structure, connecting to the earth at sacred sites
where the dragon energy is strong.
We enjoy will plenty of bone, tendon and lumbar work.
Great preparation for Tai Chi Chi Kung, Healing, Teacher Training and Everyday Life.

By using certain standing postures and tendon spirals, we learn how to connect the internal structures,
(bones, muscles, tendons, and fasciae) with the ground
connecting our own dragon meridian lines with the earths, so that authentic rooting power is developed.

Through breathing techniques, internal power is directed to the organs and fasciae.
We learn the importance of being physically and psychologically rooted in the earth,
a vital factor in the more advanced stages of Taoist practice.


We test our structure with pushing chi.
When the structure is good, the pushing energy flows through the body into the earth.
Any activated muscle will resist the flow, so we relax into oneness.
If the energy will flow down into the earth it will also flow up,
allowing us to absorb the Mother Earths richest, juiciest energies.

Embracing the Tree - Being the Tree

We can Embrace the Tree fully;
step by step with body, belly, heart, tongue, liver, eyes, lungs, nose, spleen, mouth, kidneys and ears.

We can embrace the tree with all dimensions of ourself and be embraced by all dimensions of the tree.
We can share trees deep root and leaf connections,
to embrace and be embraced by Mother Earth and Father Sunand every one.

As we share our breath with trees we can feel unconditional love and gratitude for our life.
We can embrace Life in all its loveliness and be embraced by life love.

We can embrace our family, our friends, our colleagues and all others everywhere.
We all share our breath with trees.