Sound Nei Gong

A weekend of external and internal five element alchemical sound and movement stillness and silence



We use the 5 element 7 directional toning to explore not only our outer universe but also, more importantly,
our inner universe and we ecome more conscious of this infinite space with in us.

We tend to use the term Tao or Dao to describe all that is, the bigest thing, the macrocosm,
but originally the word was used to describe the smallest thing the micro cosm.
We use the tones to resonate within and between the macro-dao and the micro-dao.

We make these sound vibrations both audibly and silently. First we use them to align with our environment and the forces of the directions and the place where all the directions meet, deep in our core. Then we begin to tone to open up space in all dimensions of our organs, glands, joints, bones, energy centres, tightnesses and tensions.

5 Element Sound Nei Gong creates a peaceful vibrant environment wherever it is practiced;
both inside and outside the body.
It combines a deep centering with an expanded awareness.

We explore deeper and deeper into the core of our being and deeper and deeper
into the core of the Universal Being.

These skills bring peace and harmony to our bodymind
and and help us to discover the incredible potential of the human body.
We learn how to move sound through the body with integrity power and grace.

We learn how to express ourselves from our Core.

Thank you for a marvellously amazing weekend.
So much clarity and space from a simple yet profound practice.
The side effects of which aided the healing of an acute knee injury - What crutches!!
I checked inside this morning and everything's still nicely expanded and spacious,
I'm going to keep it that way and play with more areas for sure.
M.D. Asscociate UHT Instructor and Bodytalk practitioner. Wirral

Thanks for a memorable weekend Barry.
Of all of your fascinating workshops, this has been amongst the most transforming.
It had a profound and releasing effect on me to an extent
I would never have expected emanating from sound alone.
For me the experience was subtle but powerful..........and the bonus
is that the profound experience came about without needing to absorb complicated moves.
I.P. Gwynedd, Wales

Other information and reservations please contact

Barry Spendlove, Natural Dao, 7 Miners Lane, Old Colwyn
North Wales, LL29 9HG. Phone 01492 515776
Mobile 07747 051311 Email


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