Invite a Magical Flow into your Life

"All Tai Chi and Chi Kung forms are lovely
but Tai Chi for Enlightenment is easy and graceful and wonderful and fantastic
Michael Winn 2003

Primordial Chi Kung - Tai Chi for Enlightenment - WuJi Gong

Hidden inside Nature are mysterious and powerful forces. In ancient China highly achieved spiritual masters observed
that the life force flowing in nature, in the mountains waterfalls and oceans, was the same life force flowing in Human Nature,
in its body, mind, and spirit. These Masters called the Wholeness of Nature, Tao, and the invisible breath of Nature
they called Chi. For the last 8,000 years the masters have designed special spiritual exercises
to improve their physical health and to attune their spirit to Nature's Primordial Forces.
About 800 years ago a Tao Master called Chang Sang Fong created a Chi Kung form
that later became famous as Tai Chi Chuan, extremely useful for Self-Defence.
He also created a special form called Wuji Qigong that was mostly kept secret
but was preserved by being passed down through a lineage of Masters.

The magical, graceful movements of this form are designed to gather the Chi or Life Force
from the four Cardinal Directions, and from Mother Earth below, and from the Star Father of Heaven above.
This Chi when in the body connects you to the deepest centre of your being known as Wuji.
Wuji literally means Supreme Unknown, also translated as the Primordial or the Divine Space from which all Creation arises.
In western terms the Wuji is the Godhead from which the Primordial Powers of Nature flow.
The Tao Masters did not consider the Centre of the Universe was above our head but rather deep inside our body.
Primordial Chi Kung is a magical graceful form and an extremely healing experience that takes us deeply into our own Primordial Essence.

Primordial Chi Kung and Daoist Internal Alchemy

polarities – yin yang
there are many different aspects of yin – yang
summer solstice - winter solstice, noon – midnight, sun - moon, fire - water
man – woman, future - past, heaven - earth

The magic happens when the polarities meet or couple; when yin and yang create the third force – yuan.
This happens in the yearly cycle of the earth circling the sun, at the spring equinox and the autumn equinox.
In the daily cycle of the earth spinning around its axis, the yuan phase is at sunset and sunrise.
In the kitchen we use fire and water to heat and cook our food,
yang fire and yin water together producing yuan steam.
Future and past meet in the present moment, a magical, eternal moment that is truly a present, a gift.

This is Alchemy, bringing polarities together.

Man & woman create this magic during lovemaking.
But we also have both polarities within us and it is good for us to bring these
masculine – feminine,
yin - yang polarities together inside us
and create the third force, Yuan Chi.
This is Internal Alchemy!

Primordial Chi Kung is an internal, moving form that draws the essence of the five elements
and yin yang, from all directions and dimensions, into our centre,
blending them together into neutral, primordial, yuan qi.
Supporting our Internal Alchemy!
We practice the form inside a bagua within the matrix of the 7 directions.
Front - back, left - right, up - down and the place where all these directions meet, deep within our core space, deep within our belly mind, in the lower dan tien, our inner earth space.
We can say: in front of us is the future, behind us is the past and our centre space is the present moment.
Our masculine, yang side is to our left; our feminine, yin side to our right
and our centre is a singularity rather than a duality.
Above us is heaven, below us earth and we hold the space between heaven and earth.
We manifest the form from this centre ground, this present moment between
past - future, masculine - feminine and heaven - earth.
The slow, spiralling, drawing in, internal movements of the form are expressed from this deep, now space,
where there are no thoughts and no emotions.
We invite balance and harmony into all dimensions of our polarities and all dimensions of our life.
We build up a lot of neutral force a lot of yuan qi.
We resonate with the earth qualities of balance, harmony, fairness, openness and trust.

We smile a lot.

Invite a Magical Flow into your LIfe
An article by Michael Winn

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