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Merging with the Elements of Nature - Alchemical Journeys in the Beautiful Welsh Countryside


A variety of journeys into the magical welsh landscape
Some journeys include meridian chi kung, others primordial chi kung or tai chi chi kung.
All journeys are based in Daoist Internal Alchemy.

Each day
our internal 5 elements resonate with and are supported by the five elements of nature


We connect our heart, our inner fire to the sun, and the earths inner fire.


We commune with the metal element in crystal caves and refresh our lungs on the tops of mountain peaks where we find the pure fresh breath of life.

We visit pools, waterfalls, lakes, rivers and streams allowing earth's water to support and cleanse our kidneys and release our vitality.

We visit druid oak groves, commune with sequoia, play in old yew woods and enjoy amazing hugging trees,
while our Liver absorbs the rich greens and generosity of wood

We relax and commune with the soft yellow gold of the earth element: rock, soil and sand to find peace and harmony.


We bring our processes to completion in deep caves - nature's womb - and inside stoneage temples



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