We came out of a week in the Darkroom on Winter Solstice morning to


November in the Dunes of South Holland




October Leylines in Holland





The sunflower finally opened in October




Merging with the Elements of Nature - an Alchemical Journey
Five days connecting with the elements of nature
connecting the outer elements with our inner elements









July in Galway Eire

sunset from inside carrow keel county sligo



A rather fabulous evening in Colwyn


congratulations Inge, Kurt & Mirlo

A Belgian teachers meeting in Brussels



La Palma in the Canary Isles, 2 weeks of sun and fun.
volcanoes, caves, rainbows and medicinal chi kung


Sunrise looking down over an ocean of clouds




Full Moon on the rim of the volcano

I used a flash to light up the tree, not very successfully, but noticed an orb.

I then lightened the image a little...



megalithic stone carvings



A very vivid rainbow near La Palma airport.
My plane only got as far as Tenereife when the ash cloud arrived.
I had to put up with 24 hours in a 5 star hotel.


May Blossom at Tao Centre Colwyn



A nice few days in Brussels with Mantak Chia


Congratulations Liesbet & Peter

A toast to Aiko


Flowers at last, here wild garlic flowering at St Mary's Well


FEBRUARY, still cold, warmed up by a very pleasant weekend of
Tai Chi Chi Kung in Bucharest though,

January 2010


This was as much snow as we got in Colwyn

Sea was rough though

and plenty of snow in the mountains



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