Photo News 2011
flowing backwards in time


Winter Solstice Darkroom  


A few days in London checking out venues and earth meridians.

1st day

I set off for The Temple but got side tracked when I noticed St Clements Dane.
(Oranges and Lemons say the bells of St Clements)
As I opened the door to go in the bells started.

St Clements Dane

The Royal Airforce Sword
in St Clements Dane

I decided to flollow a ley line from St Clements through St Mary Le Strand
to St Martins in the Field.

St Mary Le Strand and in the distance St Clements Dane


St Martin in the Fields

I struck lucky at St Martins and arrived in time for a free concert.


Finally I headed for The Temple.
Built by the Knights Templars copying the layout of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.

Inside the Dome

2nd day

A whole day at St Pauls Cathedral on Ludgate Hill
with Leigh in the morning and Uta in the afternoon

Outside the Cathedral there was a Peace Camp with many tents and protesters
and the odd famous person.


I was very impressed by the energetics Inside the Cathedral.
It was much more ornate than other cathedrals I go to regularly but just as powerful energetically.
The original Cathedral was built in 604, sfter being damsged by fire it was rebuilt in stone in 962.
It was destroyed by TheGreat Fire of London in !666 leading to the present building designed by Wren
being completed in 1710.

What makes this Cathedral really special is the access into the dome

It is possible to climb up hundreds of stairs, stopping first to enjoy the whispering gallery
and then walking outside on the stone gallery.
Continuing up, we pass through the golden gallery, where we notice a small circular window in the centraL wndow.

Looking through this window we see the floor of the cathedral below.
I stood with my feet either side of the window and rooted through the cathedral into the earth.
A wonderful feeling.

Looking up from the floorof the Cathedral into the dome.
The window we looked down through is right in the centre osf the mandala.

Then we emerged out on to Londons roof





The yoni window in St Brides

3rd day in London

Visited Jacksons Lane to check out the workshop space.

Very pleased with it, much bigger than I thought, previously a Wesleyan Chapel, strong earth meridians

On my last afternoon in London we set off for lunch in Clerkenwell to a restaurant that has a good selection of Belgian Beer.

As we were crossing a square near the restaurant
I noticed a strong field of energy and was drawn toward an open door.

We stepped through the door into a herb garden which was bordered by a church, although we couldnít see the church from the outside.

There was a strong energy line right through the herb garden and a crossing line forming a junction at a bagua pool. We had a look in the church, it turned out to be the Priory of St John of Jerusalem - The Knights Hospitallers,
rivals and allies of the Templars.

Originally it was a round church, a copy of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem like The Temple.
It didnít survive world war 2 though and wasnít rebuilt properly.
The original 12th century crypt survived though and is a lovely place to play in.



Autumn/Spring in November

Spring 2011 was 5 weeks early, Autumn finally hit in November
and morphed instantly into Spring



Ogwen valley

Sunset/moonrise near Snowdon



Mantak Chia in London
A lovely week

Lesser Kan & Li in Belgium


Lesser Kan & Li - Water & Fire Alchemy in Colwyn,
started off at 'The View' above Colwyn.
Workshops often start there, but this was a very special evening with a beautiful sunset.

Notice the beautiful dragon cloud on the horizon, it is enlarged below.


On another evening we went up the hill behind the house
and found some Parasol mushrooms that made a lovely breakfast.


There was another incredible sunset






Stones and rainbows above the Conwy Valley


When you find a megalithic stone as friendly and powerful as this one


you just have to play



Teacher Training was over the Autumn Equinox

Connecting with Wood element at one of Colwyns Sequoia's

Connecting with Metal at the quartz seam in the cliff at Tao Centre Colwyn

Connecting with water

with Fire

and with Earth at the chapel on the beach





A month of playing in nature


A nice Puffball mushroom for breakfast


Ogwen         Fairy Glen


Green Valley

Sunset from the garden


Merging with the Elements of Nature Wales

Scaredy Cows


Green Valley



Above Idwal                           Llynnau Mymbyr




Above Cefn Cave           


Early morning in stonehenge on the way back from Belgium





Dirk Oellibrandts Summer Retreat in Belgium

a lucky day in belgium

Finding the impossible to find - 'West Vleteren' - best beer in the world

and 'Val Dieu Grand Crue' - almost as good


WuJi Gong in Ghent Belgium



Fusion in Mol Belgium



Merging with the Elements of Nature
in the Loonse en Droonense Duinen in Holland 


I always wondered what a T Tree looked like



Dao Fundamentals at Kwan Yin House

Helganaes, nearly an island.


The Garden




Spring Walk in Wales



WuJi Gong in Dorset




Easter in the darkroom


we came out of the dark into a beautiful blossomy spring morning



A splendid walk up Mount Snowdon




home made bread that tastes better than it looks;
solid though, best not to drop one on your foot.





Good crop of wild garlic this year




Spring Equinox came during Teacher Training




February in the Loonse en Droonense Duinen



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