Photo News 2012

January 2012

January started as usual in the darkroom



When the darkroom was over we had some fun in Welsh countryside.



We found the oldest living thing in Wales and one of the oldest living things in the world.


The Llangernyw Yew is over 4,000 years old.
It sits next to the much younger St Digains Church and also in the church yard are some megalithic stones.
Yew trees are very slow growing and after a thousang years or so the centre starts to die.
It begins to look look
several trees.
The church didn't realise it was very old, thought it was several trees and kept their oil tank in the central space

So a lot of history in this site; five and a half thousand years ago the stones would have been part of
circle or other ceremonial setting.
The tree started its life in the bronze age and as it grew it would have been part of a
Druid ceremonial environment



playing in Belgium




Primordial Chi Kung at Jacksons Lane in London

A lovely venue, a lovely weekend.




After the workshop I visited Southwark Cathedral for the first time

and found some very interesting things

St Mary Embracing the Tree, drawing up water essence into her Ovaries

I like this but it is missing an IN

God is Love God is Light God is withIN us


While we were there, a statue was being erected near the altar.
Easter was approaching and it was a statue for easter, titled 'Die Harder'


It showed me the connection between Christianity and Daoism.

It points out how a team of acupuncturists were involved with the resurection.




These are some of the things my father, George Spendlove, is making at the moment age 89.





Healing Love weekend

We have a family of Wren's here each year this is the first time they allowed a photograph



Teacher Training in Colwyn with Sabine and Jan from Belgium
assisted by Leigh





Merging with the Elements of nature with Inge and Eva and Inge over Easter















Amost enjoyable Easter




Exploring the welsh environment after a weekend of Tao Fundamentals











Introduction to Taoist Alchemy near Aarhus in Denmark





The last week of the 4D Bodywork school in Holland




Primordial at Kath and Theo's Wuji Farm in Borgloon, Belgium





We visited this piece of Environmental Architecture


Looking up into the Spire

It was impossible to resist climbing up into the top of the spire




Royston Cave, a bell shaped cave in the centre of Royston, Hertfordshire.
Major earth meridians croos in this cave.  


In the 11th and 12th centuries it was a Templar Initiation Chamber

before that ?


Ater the Sound workshop in London I visited
St Pauls Cathedral London again


The space between the inner and outer domes 


looking down through a window in the floor
to see the floor of the Cathedral below

This was the week after the Queens Jubilee









Stone Circle above Penmaenmawr




This wood spirit was spotted mid toilet.
They are not allowed to be seen moving by humans and he had to remain frozen in time until we moved on.  

Lake Crafnant



Fusion in Westerlo, Belgium






Sound Chi Kung in Ghent, Belgium


An Evening of Primordial Chi Kung in Ghent

Belgian UHT Teachers

Sunset over the Mersey

Wirral Priory - a future venue

This is a rare occurance,
just a few times a year the Isle of Man can be seen from the hills above Colwyn Bay








In mid August I headed for Las Vegas with my guitar and a couple flutes.

No not for series of concerts at a major hotel,
but to meet Michael and Jem Winn for a 16 day rafting adventure in the Grand Canyon.


More pictures can be found here.

Somehow many photos from 2012 were lost during my computer problems of 2013


The year ended as it started with a darkroom.



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