Photo News 2012

August September USA / Grand Canyon


What a grand adventure I had in the Grand Canyon.

I landed in Las Vegas met up with Michael and Jem and enjoyed a couple of days in Vegas
and was enthralled by 2 Cirque du Soleil shows


We also jumped off the Stratosphere Tower

15 of us set off on a 16 day adventure on 5 rafts, entering the clear fresh Colorado River

Here we are approaching the confluence of the Colorado and the Little Colorado
where the water turns from clear to chocolate

Camping was also an adventure



A new word was added to my vocabulary - Groover.


entrance to the groover

vacant ........................................................engaged

The groover always had the best view in the camp

shedding his skin


very keen on keeping the sun away from my delicate white skin


We had a fine selection of thunderstorms

The local sheep let us know what they thought of us











. . .














showing the blue water of the Supai disappearing into the chocolate Colorado


After survivng Lava, the most challenging rapid, we celebrated at Tequila Beach







I was on this raft with michael and jem when it flipped on rapid 209
here it is being re-flipped





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