The Gift Economy - Sacred Economics



After 20 years years of teaching and twenty years of running businesses before that,
I am gradually changing from fee based services and products
to gifted services and products.
In this way of business the value of services is determined and honoured
by the recipient of the services in their own way -
a combination of what the recipient feels the course is worth and what they can afford.



Why would I do this?
Mainly because it feels the right thing to do,
the right direction for me to take at this moment.

I have always endeavoured to keep my prices reasonable
but realise that what is a perfect price for one person
is incredibly cheap for another and for yet another, much too expensive.

Now there is the possibility that the transaction can be perfect for everyone.

More people can be trying out and benefiting from life-changing processes,
transformations, practices, and information.

This will be transformative for me, 
letting go a lot of conditioning, values and judgements to follow this direction.



I have been asked for a guideline -

for personal tuition my fees were

£60 for an hour and a half of one to one - bodywork etc
£110 for half a day personal tuition
£200 for a day
personal tuition

£70 a day for workshops (includes lunch)
£95 a day for longer courses that include food and accommodation.

Anyone with more time than money is welcome to return my gift with time spent working in my house or garden or by sharing some other skill.



The Gift Economy is an idea/ideal from the book Sacred Economics by Charles Eisenstein

I was inspired by this short film


















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