Native American Indian Flutes

At last a new shipment of AmericanIndian Flutes have arrived. They are beautifully, made from birch, maple, cedar or walnut.
They are one of the easiest instruments to play but the sound quality is exceptional.
The Flutes have an ingenious 'easy blowing system', and when you use 5 rather than 6 holes it becomes a pentatonic scale,
which means there are no 'wrong' notes; you easily become a musician.
Not many of these flutes are imported because they seem expensive.
These are the best 'value for money' flutes i have found, they have a beautiful tone that just gets better and better.

Pocket Flute

in stock





The Pocket Flute is created from Aromatic Cedar,
the non toxic oil finish gives them a bright, clear voice & provides creative fun for all ages.
Easily fits into the pocket or back pack.
A -
9 inches long. 5 holes
G - 11 inches long. 6 holes

Little Hawk
in stock

The Little Hawk is one octave lower then the Pocket Flute so it has a significantly deeper voice.
It is made from Aromatic Cedar and very easy to play.
It is a great accompaniment for the high "A" Pocket Flute.
Due to the hole sizes of this flute we recommend it for all ages starting at 9 years old.
18" long. 5 holes


in stock

The Spirit Flute in C Pentatonic
in stock
Key of D or F# - 6/5 hole flute 13 inches long made from Birch
This flute has a sweet voice, based on the native healing flute.
A terrific pocket flute
out of stock
Key of C minor - 6/5 hole flute 17 inches long made from Birch.
Great for beginners and small hands. Easy to plahiking and backpacking.
Suitable for ages 9 to 109 and very durable - ideal for outdoor use such as
Whitetail Hawk
out of stock
This is a professional flute and is great for those starting out.
Its bore size makes it easy to play while it still has a full resonating voice.
It is deeper than the Merlin C
made from Birch
Sparrow Hawk
in stock

E. C.-£111
W. - £111

Key of A minor 6/5 hole flute, 20 inches long made available in Aromatic Cedar for or European Cedar and Walnut for Its clarity and ease of play makes it one of our most popular flutes.
This key has a lively upbeat energy.
Deeper in tone than the C, but like the C a good traveling instrument.
Leather tie included for the 6th hole.
Red Tail Hawk
in stock

W £145


Key of G minor - 6/5 hole walnut, 23.5 inches long.
This is a versatile key;
it covers a wide range of musical styles - romantic, blues, native style etc...
It also plays well with other instruments. Leather tie included for 6th hole.
Deeper tone than the A
Golden Eagle
in stock

W. £165
C. £195


Key of F#minor - 6 hole flute 25 inches long.
This key is used in many Native American recordings, it has a mystical voice.
Recommended for those with some experience of the Native flute or other instruments.

A.C. Aromatic Cedar  E.C. European Cedar   W. Walnut

All flutes come in a foam tube with an instruction booklet and cd

UK Post & Packing £7.50 per order.
email us with your requirements
I will let you know avaiability and final cost of order.


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