adventures with stone beings

iron shirt qi gong


Tendon QiGong in Magic Wood

Nourishing the Body with Kidney Breathing Qi Gong

Microcosmic Orbit with Trees 8 part video series

1 Introduction, 2 Rooting, 3 Spinal Cord Breathing
4 Crane Neck QiGong, 5 Activating the Channels
6 Turning the Wheel. 7 Sitting in the Tree Meditation
8 Being the Tree QiGong

Microcosmic Orbit with Trees Full video

This is the 8 part series in one video.


Playing with Earth and Heaven
Deep Earth Meditation and 5 Element Earth Heaven Breathing
20 minutes


Playing with Dragons
Bone breathing and Swimming Dragon Chi Kung
on Dinas Emrys - Merlins Mountain

New Beginning
A 20 minute alchemical meditation
to help us deveop our full potential

Merging with the Elements
A 6 minute film, we observe the elements of nature merging
and join in the process