Inner Smiling Fire & Water Meditation

We smile to the heart,
and feel the fire within the heart,
hot, dry, rising energy.
We may feel this fire is restricted, small.
It may be over protected by the pericardium.
We can loosen the bonds with a brisk
rub of the knuckle on the sternum.
We may find a little pain but it will help release the hearts fire.
Lets smile to the Pericardium, the Hearts protector
and let it relax to give the heart some space.
We feel gratitude to the heart protector,
it is doing its job, but maybe a little too zealously,
At this moment the heart is safe,
we would like to give it some space,
allow it some freedom to move, to breathe.
We can invite the heart fire to move down
to support the small intestine fire.
Our digestive system needs this fire to support its process.

The kidneys like to feel the warmth of the belly fire,
they too are easily cut off from the hearts fire.
We can invite them to relax and reach out
to absorb the heat and light.

Something happens, its like the sun shining on the ocean.
Some magic happens deep in the belly,
deep in the core of our being.
Our fire and water polarities moving together
in a soft gentle loving embrace.
We smile, allow and relax.
Deep in the Core of our Being.






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