A Simple Living Breathing Prayer

As I inhale and smile to my heart,
I feel the heart smiling back to me.
I smile into every drop of my blood
as it carries oxygen and the life force into all my cells.

As I exhale, I smile into the toxins
and the CO2 flowing in my blood stream,
back to the lungs, leaving my body
in the breath to nourish plants and trees.
Which in turn releases the oxygen that nourishes me.

As I smile to the plants and trees, I relax.
The breath flows in and out.
I am cleansed and revitalised,
the trees and plants are cleansed and revitalised.

I smile into this beautiful,
natural, effortless symbiosis,
feeling gratitude and the privilege
of having such a wonderful body,
on this beautiful planet,
at this incredible time.


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