Some Help on the Path

The Three Stages of Learning
It would appear that in performing an exercise,
we tend to experience three phases of learning:
Initially, the novelty of the exercise gives rise to the feeling that we are progressing very quickly,
and reaping the benefits of the new exercise.
As time passes, however,
this initial enthusiasm is replaced by a dry phase during which it seems that we are not really getting anywhere,
we develop a resistance and at this point it is easy to give up on the process.

The only thing to do is to grit your teeth and hang on in there.
If we struggle through this hump we are rewarded by seeing just how far we have progressed,
and we are able to feel the full benefits of what we have been doing.

It can be a struggle to get over the second phase,
but when we are at least aware of what is happening,
it can help us not to give up at the first signs of inertia.

Intention / Will
When we want something we set up an intention an act of will to manifest our desire.
We have 5 willís, each of our bodies 5 organ intelligences, the five body spirits or Jing Shen has a will.
When manifesting an intention it is good to involve as many of the Jing Shen as possible
into each single intention, using colour, breath, shape, feeling and smell.
Focusing the whole group together is the key.

The 4 Laws
Apparently there are only 4 Universal Laws.

1. I am, I exist; You are, You exist;
always have, always will.
2. The one is the all The all are the one. Totally individual, totally part of the All.
3. What you give is what you get.
4. Everything changes except the first 3 laws.

Why be the Pain Receiver?
Become the Pain, understand the experience and realise why,
as the first step in owning and releasing your pain

Does life enter your door with a smile
or do you have a blockage in your Life?
Are your ears blocked?
Do you have a blockage in your Lymph, blood, meridians or money flow.

Do you have a resistance to change?
Are you stiff, tight, tense or stressed?
What stops you loving completely?
Could you be suffering from Adultism? Yes Adultism with a capital A

We have to go through it to find our inner child,
but really,
let it go already.
Leap quietly forward into the exuberance of inner childhood

























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