The Smile and the Kiss


The beaming smile
that needs no reason to radiate deeply,
within and without.

The whole body smile,
the holistic smile.
Lips, mouth
and eyes.

The belly smile.

Feeling the smile in the soles of the feet,
the smile in the crown of the head.

Feeling the soles smiling to the kidneys,
the crown smiling to the heart.

Feeling the heart and kidneys embrace.

The Holistic Smile
embracing every cell.

Breathing deeply,
smiling deeply.

Then comes the kiss.

Starting with the lips,
they pucker.

The moment expands,
the eyes contract
the sphincters embrace.

Lips, mouth and eyes,
the corners rise,

ears, diaphragm, sexual organs,
palms of the hand,
soles of the feet.

The holistic smile
combining with the holistic kiss.


Leading to the lovers kiss.

The God within,
the Goddess within.

The lovers kiss,

Sweet juices.

Tongues connecting heart to heart.

Spirits dancing,

spiralling in,
spiralling out.

Connecting with the Earth,

the Moon,

the Sun.

Connecting with the Stars,

the Galaxies.

The universal smile,
the universal kiss.

Sweet stellar juices.

The universal dance.

Universes smiling,



making love.


falls from every where.



Universal juices
blessing this watery Planet.







barry spendlove 2001

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