Untitled by Rene Navarro

do not speak the words that are the gesture
you have to learn the movement
repeat it
maybe a thousand times
probably more
the eyes following the entry of the hands
into the space wheeling around your centre
the heart keeps a slow count for you
as you breathe through the pores of your skin
the feet reach down into the earth
and the crown opens up to the sky
as your mind empties itself to receive the benediction of the stars

and then one day it may happen
a rainbow shimmers
just somewhere between the muscles the marrow and the blood
deep currents shooting down your legs
there is a radiance in your eyes
when you feel for the first time
the pull of earth and sky
and you are in the middle of this congruence
as you draw the circles around you in your hands
your body listens
becomes sound and colour and pulsing
and you taste the beginning
where we came from and where we will all return


chengdu dawn by rene navaro

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