Deep Alchemical Healing Qi Gong


This alchemical qi gong form promotes a powerful qi flow.

This weekend involves many different aspects of medical & alchemical qigong.
We utilise breath, sound, colour, self massage, meditation, movement and stillness.
We use the 5 element power of the sun, earth and our inner family,
combining them in an alchemical healing ceremony that disolves our habitual chronic patterns and resistance to change,
and gives birth to the seed of our full potential.

Rather than heal a part of us we create the potential to transform our whole being.
With the intention to complete our soul purpose by expressing our life from our core.

We address each element within us, each fragment of our unity,
we become sensitive and aware of these separate little ego's within us and mobilise them into a team.
A team with the potential when working together in peace, harmony, balance, openness, fairness and trust,
to become much much more than the sum of our separate parts.