A Weekend of Deep Healing Cellular Qi Gong
Tuesday & Wednesday, May 12th & 13th
, 10am - 6pm

with the possibility of an extra day on Thursday 14th
that includes a visit to the sacred Healing Pool of St Winefried's, Holywell.

The cost of this course is decided individually by the participants as part of Gift Economy more info  

For more information or to subscribe please contact barry@naturaldao.life 0044 (0)7747 051311

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We use the five element powers of of our inner family of organ spirits, earth, solar, stellar, and galactic fields,
combining them in an alchemical healing summer solstice ceremony that
dissolves our habitual chronic patterns, and resistance to change.
We give birth to the seed of our fullest potential.

Rather than heal a part of ourself we create the potential to transform our whole being,
with the intention to manifest our life from our primordial core and complete our soul purpose

On Sunday we will spend most of the day in nature.
The elements of nature will support our own elements,
We will feel this connection and sport of the magical welsh landscape whenever and wherever we practice.


I am looking forward to this weekend, we will visit some powerful places,
that are used to working with us.
We will ask the field for the best of earths energies especially the qualities that we individually need.
This energy we receive will combine with our own,
our alchemical process will manifest a potent elixir.

Half of which we will use for personal healing, the other half we gift to the environment
to help transform some of the negativity that is humanities responsibility.

We learn to live our prayers. Praying for health, not by asking,
but by feeling the health we want to express in our life.
When we are in naturally good health, we feel happy, smiling and joyful,
we feel strong, harmonious kind, generous, gentle and powerful.

We tend to lose our good health
by inappropriate thinking about the past and future;
which brings up emotions of sadness, grief, anger, worry or fear.
These emotions from the past or future are not real,
but the tightness tension and bad feelings
they cause, are real, and lead to bad habits
that form our chronic conditions of poor health.

Our return to optimal health begins with a prayer,
not a prayer of asking but of feeling and sensation.
Meditation and movement, in the present moment
that make us feel good and happy, joyful and loving,
gentle, kind and courageous, and strong, harmonious and trusting.
These feelings/sensations are the prayers
That resonate out into the morphic field and invite in vibrant health.
A new life begins.

We have the possibility of an extra day on Monday
that will include a visit to the town of Holywell,
to spend time at St Winefrids Healing Well.
On Monday there will be very few visitors, we will be
able to enjoy quiet time in around the inner star pool.

We will have the opportunity to enjoy a dip
in the powerful sacred healing waters.