Transforming Chronic Dis-Ease
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / Fibro Myalgia and other Chronic Dis-Ease
'An Opportunity for Transformation'

by Barry Spendlove

Fybro Myalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (M.E) can easily have a devastating effect on our lives.
They can be disempowering and it is all to easy to feel helpless as we suffer constant pain and/or lack of energy, lack of vitality. 
These chronic problems, however can have a positive side, so lets address the positive.
What can possibly be positive about constant pain and fatigue?
It is positive if we can see our disease as an opportunity for growth and transformation. 
Positive if we can begin to listen to our bodies messages and transform our life and health by coming into alignment with our bodies wishes.

We have to take responsibility for our chronic conditions. 
These chronic complaints have taken us many years to develop. 
Western Medicine, so superb at dealing with Acute problems has rarely, if ever, healed a chronic complaint. 
A problem built up over time takes time to heal and it usually takes a complete lifestyle change to do it. 
Healing your chronic complaint transforms your life and a few years down the line as you settle in to your new life and health, your chronic disease,
the catalyst that leads to this much more interesting fulfilling life, can seem to have been a godsend.

First step; taking responsibility for your body.
You canít expect any one to heal you.
You can expect to be healed though, and it is essential that you do expect to be healed,
but no one can heal you.
We have to take on the responsibility and heal ourself.
You can accept help but dont hand over responsibility.

To start however, lets concentrate on some simple things that are the core of our process.
Lets leap into improving the most important thing that we do in our life.
The thing we do every minute of our life and when we stop doing it we stop living.

Yes breathing, the most important thing we do and we are so bad at it.
We breath so shallowly, taking in the minimum amount of oxygen into our lungs,
absorbing the minimum amount of life force into our body.
We can learn how to breathe by looking at babies breathing.
They breathe so deeply so efficiently their little bellies expanding and contracting with each breath.
Thatís how we should do it.
Lets breathe deep into the bottom of our lungs, let the diaphragm push down and expand our belly .

Try it,
relax, raise the ribs and breathe into the bottom of your lungs, feel the air flowing down, and the belly expanding.

Donít force anything just allow.
Notice how much more air is coming in now.

Pause for a couple of seconds.

Smile to yourself, then let it out softly, smoothly, pause for a couple of seconds,
and take in a smiling breath of fresh,, clear air followed by releasing some cloudy, stale air.
In and out ,yin and yang. As effortlessly as a baby.
When we get used to this we can add a little effort at the end of the out breath,
by squeezing out as much of the old as we can to allow more fresh smiling breath in.

Deep Smiling Breathing

It doesnít take long to get good at this.
However as soon as our concentration moves to something else we revert to our shallow pattern.
This is to be expected,
it has taken us many years to develop our breathing and we canít change a life time habit overnight.
Our breathing is a chronic problem but with some attention, intention and ornery persistence,
we can become perfect breathers.
This changes our lives! Breathing resonates into every part of our life and being, it is our core process.

some breathing hints here

It is not easy to change a lifetime habit but here are some of the benefits that seem to make the effort worthwhile.

1 Much, much more life force in the body.

2 It is almost impossible to avoid stress if you are breathing shallowly.
It is almost impossible to become stressed if you are breathing deeply.

3 The diaphragm pushes down and moves/massages the kidneys, liver, spleen, pancreas, stomach, colon and small intestines.
This brings life and movement to the organs supporting the digestive process.

4 The expansion of the belly starts to realign our structure, pushing out the lumbar curve and realigning the sacrum.
Just from simply breathing deeply the body starts to realign itself.

5 We start to feel the smiling movement in the body start to feel aware of the life force flowing in.
We start to feel Life in the body.

6 We can begin to explore the centre of our body, our core, where our belly expands from and where our belly contracts to.
Itís a deep, deep space, we can relax and sink into this space and into the vitality within it.

We can find ourselves simply present in the moment, breathing, aware of expansion-contraction,
day-night, winter-summer.
We can align with the cycles of nature supported by the cosmic forces that surround us and that are contained within us.
We can take a glimpse into the truly beauteous beings that we are.

Are you ready to take this on?
This is DIY, Do It Yourself.

Mastering your breath is the first step to Regaining your Health.
Watch this space for Part 2 which involves using this smiling breath along with simple sound and movement to connect with other parts of the body.
We grow our virtues of strength courage gentleness helpfulness love joy and harmony.
We bring joy and vitality into our body as we release our emotional contraction.

If you want some support in your process an inexpensive CD is available.

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