The Three Methods of Tao Inner Alchemy
By Michael Winn

Yang Practice: The Creative

I smile at everything around me.

I initiate change. Primal fire (li) moves me.

I project my mind-intent (yi) to shape the rhythm of time.

I joyfully quicken the speed of transformation.

I am a radiant spinning double vortex of light.

I actively guide natural forces to create new harmony & balance.

I expand myself out to embrace the whole.

I probe into the unknown, transforming it into the known.

Yin Practice: The Receptive

I smile at everything within me.

I allow change. Primal water (kan) moves me.

My mind-intent calmly manifests as the space where change happens.

I invite gradual change by surrendering and merging with space/body.

I am a river of liquid essence flowing in orbits, in spheres of influence.

I align with natural forces, shaping them as they flow harmoniously within.

I embrace the whole by slowly gathering and fusing it within myself.

I discover the unknown by allowing it to reveal itself to me.

Wu Wei Practice: The Effortless

We are the Original Inner Smiling, before division.

We are the unchanging Source of change. Original (yuan) chi moves us.

We are a whole, embracing its parts: jing, chi, shen. Body, energy, spirit.

We experience everything and everyone as aspects of the Original Self.

We witness and support yin and yang as the resting and moving self.

We are the Stillness within the stillness, and the Music of the Spheres.

We arise from Source, Create, and return to Source effortlessly.

We are the Presence experiencing the None, the One, and the Many.

We are Grace, and Gratitude for grace.

© Michael Winn 2002










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