March 3rd & 4th
Maison N.-D.du Chant d'Oiseau, Avenue des Franciscains, B-1150 Bruxelles, Belgique

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By bringing our practice into our everyday life, we bring life into our practice
and transform our Life and our Practice.

We all enjoy going to classes, workshops and retreats.
We love the increased energy we have in the days following these adventures.
The difficult thing, is continuing these practices in our everyday life.
We want to, but there are so many other things pulling on our time.

This Weekend is about living our practices in all aspects of everyday life
rather than trying to find 30 minutes each day to practise.
The important thing to improve is our life rather than our practice.

No matter how much we change, with our practices, no matter how much we purify,
find peace and clarity, or attain various levels of 'enlightenment';
we still have to emerge ourselves into the 'nitty gritty' of Life.
We earn our living, prepare meals, tidy and clean our house
and spend quality time with our lover/children/parents/relatives and friends.
We need to keep the garden neatish, the windows and car cleanish, watch some tv, read a book, enjoy a beer or glass of wine;
the list goes on and on.
Also, of course, we want some quality 'Me' time to relax, de-stress and recharge.

Then we have an employer or employees, an acountant and  a bank manager to keep happyish.
So it obviously takes a very special type of person to fit in enough Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Meditation, Yoga, Bodywork, Dance etc. everyday.
A special person with no responsibilities.
So here we are with a bucketful of responsibilities and a desire, a burning desire,
to transform our self with daoist or some other self improvement practices,
a burning desire to control our thinking, to be in the present moment, to embody our virtues,
to be vital and joyful, to realise our full potential and enjoy our lives to the full.

This weekend is simply about allowing our everyday life to be the essence of our practice.
By bringing our breathing, structure, yoga, qi gong, meditation, tai chi, alchemy and
our full conscious awareness into our daily life, we are transformed.

We learn washing up qi gong, hoovering tai chi, showering and toweling qi gong, structure in the office, at the dining table and in the car,
watching television qi gong, working at the computer qi gong, perfect relaxation qi gong.
We work inside the body as we work inside the house.
As we clean the windows we bring clarity to our vision and appreciate some tendon stretches.
As we clean the cooker, we smile into our digestive organs, the movements we make cleaning the cooker massages our stomach.
As we clean the Bathroom so that it shines and sparkles, we clear our Intestines.
As we clean the bedroom and make the bed we transform our...

If you are not really, really attracted to this by now, it's not for you.

If you, like me, are really really attracted to this,

it's going to be a fantastic weekend and




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