In the dark, it doesn't take long before boundaries dissolve.
All the fears we have concerning the dark vanish as we discover so much vitality, clarity and inner light. b.s. 09

Daoist Alchemy in the Dark
Yin Alchemy (allowing the true inner yang to blossom)

December 31st 2014 - January 5th 2015

in Grashoek, near Eindhoven, South East Holland
with Inge Maassen and Barry Spendlove

Open to anyone who has integrated Fusion 1, 2 & 3


We are lucky to be offered a warm, dry, dark, fresh, comfortable house-cave surounded by beautiful countryside
for a 6 day Darkhouse Retreat during
January 2015
This will be a small group and will easily over subscribe,
please take care to reserve your place by contacting Inge Maassen -

6 days of Embodied Daoist Alchemical Meditation and QiGong in the Dark.
with a special emphasis on bones and skeletal movement and ancestral issues.

We set the tone for the week with a fire ceremony.

The first part of the ceremony will help us let go of 2014 and everything that stops us expressing our full potential.
Then we will gather the support of the universe to liberate the seed of our potential and manifest it in to our life.

After the ceremony we enter the darkhouse and the course begins.
We will start with dimmed light to become accustomed to our space, before entering total darkness.
we will stay in complete darkness until the course finishes on January 5th.


We will gather on the final morning to share
and slowly acclimatise to the light with some some candles,

before going outside to enjoy a fire ceremony
to confirm our release of everything that stops us being fully conscious in the present moment
and help us manifest our full potential.


We will be completely in the dark, no external light only inner light.
We will meet up twice a day for some simple QiGong exercises, stretches and meditations
that will take us deeper into our experience.
We will have plenty of time on our own and we will effortlessly sink into our core.
This will be a very rooted, embodied experience.

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The process in the darkroom retreat was deeply nourishing and has restored a longstanding lack of energy within me.
I felt the meditation and alchemy, 1000 times more powerfully this time around.
My energy levels since have been fantastic and it was over two months ago.
Look forward to the next one!           J.T . Universal Tao Associate Instructor

Happy days in the Darkhouse allowed me to clear all material distractions from my mind,
which meant I could get into the meditations faster and a lot deeper.     A.W. London


please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions
that you may have concerning this course

Barry Spendlove, Healing Tao Britain
7 Miners Lane, Old Colwyn, N Wales, LL29 9HG

01492515776    07747 051311

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