In the dark, it doesn't take long before boundaries dissolve.
All the fears we have concerning the dark vanish as we discover so much vitality, clarity and inner light. b.s. 09

Daoist Alchemy in the Dark
Yin Alchemy (allowing the true inner yang to blossom)

Saturday February 1st, 5pm till Thursday February 6th, noon  
Bigu Fasting/Creating an Elixyr Darkroom Retreat

Tao Centre Colwyn


Tao Centre Colwyn becomes a comfortable cave for a 5 day Darkwomb Retreat

Cost for the retreat is £585 reduced to £555 for payment in full by January 1st
price includes food and accommodation, small group - maximum 4

This retreat includes Bigu Fasting and we will eat very little food, in fact we will drink our food and eat our drink.
We will chew small portions - maybe a berry, a nut and a seed - for many minutes,
untill our mouth becomes full of sweet tasty super nutritious saliva.
Hard to describe just how good this feels.
We start to absorb air and life force into the saliva and reach out with qigong movements
to absorb earth, solar, stellar and galactic frequencies into the juicey saliva
before gulping it down into the stomach. mmmmmmmmm. We enjoy and repeat.
This certainly slows down our eating and we get enough time
to let this slow eating and drinking break down some of our habitual eating patterns.
Fortunately, in the dark we don't notice the berry stain on our t shirts where we have dribbled.
It is advisable to do some detoxing before this retreat starts.
creating an elixyr info here

We will start with dimmed light to become accustomed to our spaces,
before entering total darkness

We slowly come out of the dark on the last morning with a ceremony to prepare our journey through the coming year and to manifest the future we want to live

We slowly reaquaint ourselves with the world and visit quiet sacred spaces in the beautiful welsh countryside.

We will be completely in the dark, no external light only inner light.
We will meet up twice a day for some simple QiGong exercises, stretches and meditations
that will take us deeper into our experience.
We will have plenty of time on our own and we will effortlessly sink into our core.
This will be a very rooted, embodied experience.


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Barry's darkroom retreat was a phenomenal experience for me.
It was a profound journey into my body, consciousness and the void.
It has vastly deepened my Tao practise. Barry is a kind patient and thorough facilitator who al;so brings a sense of magic
to everything he does. The Bigu fasting was fantastic, transforming my experience of eating. I highly recommend this!`
Su London Jan 2015

It was not without some trepidation & nervousness that I set out for my first darkroom experience
in Colwyn Bay with Barry Spendlove. To prevent myself from making a hasty retreat back to my trusted comfort zone,
I reminded myself on the airplane over why I had chosen this particular experience:
amid the myriad of challenges, the daily routines, constant demands and happiness :-)
that go along with building a fulfilling career, bringing up kids and having a stimulating relationship,
I had somehow lost sight of and connection with me.
Who was I anymore? I even feared that "me" might have dissappeared entirely.
So I looked for a place, a person and a process where/with whom,
I thought I would most likely be able to find this me back again, and get to know her again.
I feel very grateful to have found this in Wales with Barry.
Barry created an amazing (dark) space in Old Colwyn over 5 days in January,
where I was able to experience everything I had hoped for and more to truly connect with myself and the universe,
to get to know and appreciate their colours and their strength and their gentleness. To feel who I was and who I could be.
Eating faboulously natural food in the dark for a week was an incredible experience
which has totally changed my approach to what I put in my mouth these days.
The meditations and exercises that Barry expertly and knowledgeably guided us through at regular intervals,
helped to both broaden and deepen the process for me. Barry gradually re-introduced light on the last day
and took us up into the wonderful (and very windy) Welsh mountains.
As we went up there I felt a huge surge of vitality which hasn't (completely) left me yet!
The whole experience was quite unique, unforgettable and has had a profound impact on me. Thank you Barry.
J.A. Belgie

Thanx sooo much bro, have been feeling so much more core strength since I came out of the dark....and I needed it too
as was thrown into some big tests straight away. I hope you have had a chance to relax after all your hard work.
Rb. Somerset Jan 2016

I've been aware of the darkroom practice for many years and had come close to attending one on several occasions.
For me there was a big resistance and fear associated with the prospect of participating. However the time seemed right this time.
I was still struggling internally with the prospect untill the last candle was extinguished.
All my fears evaporated instantly as we entered a comforting and nurturing space. Five blissful days ensued.
There was a perfect mixture of humour, warmth, clarity, focus and support facilitated by Barry.
The time afforded me a great opportunity of reflection and a wonderful space to practice
and cultivate a deeper connection to my centre.
An absolutely unforgetable experience which continues to reverberate weeks later.
I look forward now without an ounce of fear to the next time I enter the darkness.
S.R. UHT certified instructor 2011

The process in the darkroom retreat was deeply nourishing and has restored a longstanding lack of energy within me.
I felt the meditation and alchemy, 1000 times more powerfully this time around.
My energy levels since have been fantastic and it was over two months ago.
Look forward to the next one!           J.T . Universal Tao Associate Instructor

Happy days in the Darkhouse allowed me to clear all material distractions from my mind,
which meant I could get into the meditations faster and a lot deeper.     A.W. London

please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions
that you may have concerning this course

Barry Spendlove, Healing Tao Britain
7 Miners Lane, Old Colwyn, N Wales, LL29 9HG

01492515776    07747 051311

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