Awakening our Inner Dragon
within the Dragon Elements of Nature
A Shamanic Alchemical Journey into the Welsh Dragon Landscape over the early May Bank Holiday - 4th, 5th & 6th May
over a new moon
dragon cloud

The cost of this 3 day course
is decided individually by the participants
as part of gift economy
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We start with a fire ceremony to gather the support
of the dragon spirits.
These pictures show a convocation of fire dragons
inside the stone circle at Tao Centre Colwyn
shortly after a fire ceremony.

We will spend a day on a famous dragon mountain where the legend of Merlin and the Red Dragon of Wales was set.
details of the story here

We will sink into the dragon energies of this place
and enjoy the dragon resonance in the landscape and within us.
We train our own Inner Dragon .

swiming dragon

We start our journey from deep in the body,
reducing the constant thinking that keeps us out of the present moment
by sinking our home base from the head to the belly.
From our belly we connect fully with the to the landscape and its intelligences
and to our bones, from our bones we develop
the amazing potential of our Dragon being .
We enjoy Fusion of the Five Animals to let go of our emotional energy
We don't want to create an emotional dragon
better a virtuous one.
We learn several shamanic dragon meditations and qigong movements and feel our internal energies and meridians, resonating with the rich flow of natures energies and the earths dragon meridans.


This will be an intensive course but a most enjoyable one.
Daoist practices come to life, when our internal elements are supported by Nature's elements.



It is surprising how simple, enjoyable and effective these practices are,
when done in the right place, at the rght time, with the right intent.
Places where it is easy to connect with natural forces and experience them inside ourselves.

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