Fusion of the Five Elements
June Friday 8th at the Shiatsu School Kortryk, Belgium
an Alchemical Journey


For more information or to reserve a place, contact

Dominique Respens, 0032 (0) 498 246633  info@shiatsu-acadamie.be

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Fusion of the Five Elements should seem as an essential practice for bodyworkers and manual therapists of all types.Using meditation, chi kung and hands on partner exercises, we build up the five elements and unite them into a team worth more than the sum of the seperate parts. We utilise the power of the bagua and the eight forces to clear emotional blockage and tension, transforming it into beautiful neutral chi.

This beautiful neutral energy helps us to re-balance our clients energy during treatments.

We are able to effortlessly hold space to help our patients/students to release their emotional contraction, trauma and pain.

The Fusion process is one of the ‘Treasures’ of the Dao
and it would seem that nothing is more valuable for us and Mother Nature at this time.
It is the priceless beginning of Internal Alchemy and prepares the body for the deeper levels.