Dao Centre Colwyn and sacred places in the North Wales Landscape
November 14th & 15th  10am - 6pm
with the possibility of an extra day on monday

The cost of this course is decided individually by the participants
as a part of Gift Economy
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Lunch is provided some bed and breakfast is available at £30

More information and reservations please contact Barry
0044 (0) 7747051311


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A Weekend of Ceremony, Intention, Authentic Movement, Alchemical Meditation 
and Shamanic Journeying, in places where the boundaries between heaven, earth and the primordial realms are very fluid.

With the support of the five elements of earth, heaven and the primordial. 
We invite the the ancestors to support our process and be healed by it.
We bathe our ancestors in healing frequencies to clear ancestral karma,allowing us to express our fullest potential into our life
 Megalithic Man made Cromlechs/Dolmens and Barrows not to bury their dead but as a wayof going into darkness to commune with their ancestors. Only the very smallest had complete skeletons and they were kings and queens.
The larger ones had bones  to aid in communication.We will spend some time in this Dolmen
We will also spend time in a 4,500 year old Yew tree. Enjoy an empowering ceremony inside an ancient spiral maze.