Big Dipper & Polaris Heart Opening Earth Healing Qi Gong
also known as Life Changing Qi Gong

December 5th & 6th
10am - 6pm

The cost of this course is decided individually by the participants
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accommodation available £30


This QiGong form has come through the Tao Woman line,
I learned the form in China with Michael Winn, from the current lineage holder who is male.
He learned it from his mother and will pass it on to his daughter

It is a fabulous form that sets up a resonance with the Big Dipper/Polaris energy portal.
It comprises of a rhythmical 7 step sequence repeated to from the four sides of a square.
It is combined with arm movements that open the palms, pericardium and heart, it creates a 4 dimensional mandala
of chi currents and balances the body within the three axes; front-back, left-right, above-below.
This is augmented with quiet internal chanting.
We will learn a Taoist 7 tone shamanic chant that connects with all the directions and dimensions
and the place where they meet deep in our core
We will also learn a a heart opening, Quan Yin mantra

This form has been a revelation to me, it continues to express itself from a deeper and deeper space within me
and combines well with Primordial Chi Kung


7 Step Star chi Kung at Lao Tsue's Ascension Site near Loughanti China

7 Step Star qigong at Tai Shan - China's holy mountain of the east  May08

This form has many applications including Protection and Manifestation.
We literally “dance” the seven stars of the Big Dipper with our feet.
It was used in ancient times by soldiers in military formation to create a protective force field.
It can be used to repel psychic attack and is an extremely grounding form.
At its highest level of practice, it is designed to integrate one’s worldly destiny with one’s spiritual destiny.
This is accomplished by ‘bringing down” the purple pole star (Polaris)
at the top of the central pole axis of Heaven down into its lower pole of Earth.

During the weekend we will learn other skills to compliment the form.
We will learn how to -
• breathe, express our self and move from our Core in the Lower Dantien.
• bring unity to our skeleton structure and physically root our self in the earth.
• open the portals in the Soles of our feet, palms, mid eye brow and crown  • develop our tendon power
Re-align and lengthen the spine Opens Pericardium and Heart
• open up a deep connection to the Earth, Big Dipper and Pole Star
Plus whatever shows itself as appropriate in the group field

I have had a fantastic few days with Barry Spendlove. We escaped to the beautiful Welsh countryside,
exploring the elements within Nature as well as Ley lines of Gaia. I have had a long term interest in chronic muscular tensions
of the body-mind, which i have been exploring through various posture practices.
With Barry, we have been experientially exploring the Qi Gong form of the Big Dipper/Great Bear.
This involves a series of movements reflecting the arrangement of the stars forming the Great Bear.
These movements create a lengthening of the spine, challenging chronic muscular tensions throughout the axial skeleton,
including the pelvis & lower back.
I look forward to further unfoldings of this practice, under Barry's expert guidance.
Dr Zeb Khan MBBS Lond.
April 2011

“Barry Spendlove ran a Qi Gong training course for the Big Dipper in June 2009 which I attended.
I experienced a weekend of clear and purposeful instruction allied to warm friendship, not having known Barry prior to that,
and a series of great experiences in Qi Gong at the hands of a consummate teacher.
If you value the high quality one on one type of inner education that I personally do then you will not be disappointed.
Erudition and experience are married in his approach to the teaching of the most complicated forms and he expounds clearly
and lightly the essence of what he wishes to impart.
He sings well and wonderfully in the toning of the Taoist sounds and he holds an attunement like an Adept.
I left Old Colwyn feeling that I had thoroughly enjoyed both the learning and the company and I am deeply grateful for that. Thanks Barry for a great weekend of Qi Gong.”
Jo London june 09










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