June 8th & 9th,
Shiatsu Acadamie, Rodenburgplein 25, 8510 Marke, Kortryk, Belgium

To reserve a place contact Dominique Respens 0498 246633  info@shiatsu-academie.be

Tai Chi Chi Kung creates a peaceful vibrant environment wherever it is practiced.
It combines a deep centering with an expanded awareness.

We explore deeper and deeper into the core of our being and deeper and deeper
into the core of the Universal Being.

These skills bring peace and harmony to our bodymind
and and help us discover the incredible potential of the human body.
We learn how to move the body with integrity, power and grace.

We learn how to express ourselves from our core.

The emphasis is not to be good at Tai Chi but to be good at Life.

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Anabels stance is a little wide but she had nappy problems
her inner smile is excellent, she needs to work on those shoulders though.









Iron Shirt Chi Kung and Tai CHi Chi Kung
The Inner Structure of Tai Chi with Barry Spendlove

We learn, or deepen our appreciation of, our Iron Shirt Structure.
Each of us will discover our own individual, perfect, skeletal structure.
We will root our structure deep into the earth and move it
with power and grace through the Tai Chi Chi Kung Form.

The classical Tai Chi Chuan form has 13 movements,
made up of 8 techniques and 5 directions.
These are: Ward off, Rollback, Press, Push, Pull down, Elbow, Shoulder, Split,
North, South, West, East and Centre.

The Tai Chi Chi Kung form, is much shorter than Tai Chi Chuan
but still contains the eight techniques, flowing through the 5 directions.
It is practiced clockwise and counter clockwise within a small space.
This is a very special ceremonial form that is an excellent exercise and learning tool
for those who are interested in a short, compact, but challenging form of Internal Tai Chi Chuan.

The form is very short and easy to learn,
which enables us to focus on the inner structure and energetic movement.
Although it can take less than a day to learn the form,
a lifetime can be spent exploring its depth.

During the weekend we learn many simple but profound techniques that we integrate into the form.
We play with several Tendon QiGong forms to activate and gently stretch and grow the tendons.
Throughout the form we use tendons rather than muscles to hold and move the structure
and more and more we move the structure through just the bones.
We use Deep Breathing techniques to activate and energise the Lower Dan Tien
and develop it as the control centre for the form.

The form activates the Microcosmic Orbit, the bodies main front & back channels,
we deepen our awareness and appreciation of this with meditation and movement,
connecting our dragon meridians with the earths dragon meridians.
We learn the importance of developing Lumbar and Psoas Power
and the techniques that can transform one of the bodies weakest areas,
into a centre of power, uniting our upper body with our hips and legs.

We bring focused awareness and consciousness to our breathing,
sinking the life force into the kidneys our source of vitality.
We learn Bone Breathing to bring more density and awareness
into our bones and to revitalise our bone marrow.
We resonate unconditional love and gratitude into all dimensions of our
inner and outer landscape bringing harmony to the dragon lines.