The Dao De Jing
8th page 32 - 34

a modern interpretation of lao tzu  perpetrated by Ron Hogan


Dao is an eternal mystery,
so small you can never take hold of it.

If a leader gets right with Dao,
people will follow him on instinct.
All will be right with the world.
People will do the right thing
without being told.

Everything that comes from Dao
needs a name.
But once everything has its name,
you should make no other distinction between things.
This prevents you
from becoming trapped by them.

Everything in the universe is full of Dao
and leads to Dao,
just like the water in rivers
that flows into oceans.



Knowing things makes you smart,
but knowing yourself makes you wise.

To rule others, you must be powerful,
but to rule yourself,
you must be strong.

If you have only what you need,
you have true wealth.
If you never give up,
you will find a way.

If you stay true to yourself,
you will never be lost.
If you stay alive your whole life,
you've really lived.

Dao flows in all directions. It's in everything, but nothing can contain it.
Everything needs Dao, so Dao provides, and never expects anything in return.

Everything comes from Dao, but Dao doesn't call attention to itself. It wants for nothing. Think nothing of it.

Everything leads to Dao, but Dao doesn't call attention to itself.
Pretty impressive, huh? It doesn't strive for success.  That's why it succeeds.

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