The Dao De Jing
8th page 35 - 37

a modern interpretation of lao tzu  perpetrated by Ron Hogan

When you get right with Dao,
everybody wants to be your friend.
When they're around you,
they can relax and enjoy themselves.

People can be easily distracted
by music or good food.
When we try to talk about Dao,
it seems boring by comparison.

It doesn't look like much.
It doesn't sound like much.
But no matter how much you use,
there's still plenty left.

To make something smaller,
you need to appreciate its size.
To make something weaker,
you must recognize its strength.
To get rid of something,
you need to hold it tight.
To take something,
you must give it up entirely.

To put it another way:
Sensitivity and weakness
overcome unfeeling strength.

Dao never does anything
but nothing is left undone.

If our leaders
could get in touch with Dao,
the world would take care of itself.
Even if they wanted
to impose their own ideas,
they'd be drawn back to Dao's
nameless simplicity.

When our lives are that simple,
we want for nothing.
We can relax,
and the world becomes a better place.

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