The Dao De Jing
14th page 57 - 60

a modern interpretation of lao tzu  perpetrated by Ron Hogan

You can run a country
by sticking to principles,
and you can win a war
with strategy and tactics.
But you can gain the entire world
by doing nothing at all.

How do I know this?
I've seen it happen:
The more restrictions a nation imposes,
the poorer its people become.
When a nation hoards weapons,
troubles arise from within and from without.
When its leaders try to be cunning and clever,
the situation spins further out of control.
When they try to fix things by passing more laws,
they only increase the number of outlaws.

A wise leader says to himself:
"I do nothing,
and people transform themselves.
I keep silent,
and they do the right thing on their own.
I stay out of the way, and they prosper.
I want for nothing,
and they lead simple lives."

When a nation is ruled with a light touch,
people lead simple lives.
When a government is harsh and demanding,
people will spend their time trying to outsmart it.

Happiness is rooted in misery,
and misery lurks beneath all joy.
Who knows what could happen tomorrow?

Everything is relative;
what's considered proper today may become improper.
Correct appearances
may hide dishonesty and sinfulness.
No wonder so many people get confused.

The Masters have sharp minds, not sharp tongues.
They are austere, but never judgmental.
They are straightforward, but not provocative.
They are brilliant, but not flashy.



Leadership is based on moderation.
Practice moderation,
and you'll get in touch
with the power of Dao.

If you get right with Dao,
nothing is impossible.
If you get right with Dao,
there's no limit to what you can do.

If you get right with Dao,
you can be a true leader.

Remember this advice
if you want to be a leader:
Plant deep roots in firm soil.
Get right with Dao,
and you'll always see things clearly.


Being a leader
is like cooking a small fish;
get right with Dao,
and it's quick and easy.

When you're in touch with Dao,
you don't need to worry
about misfortune.

You can't make it go away, of course,
but you can keep it
from harming other people.

Also, as a wise leader,
you cause no harm to others,
so people won't have to worry
about getting hurt,
and they'll take the opportunity
to do the right thing.



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