China May - June 2008 Part 3
After the tour Mark and I
enjoyed a few days playing in some mountainous countryside near Xian

We ate in a Cafe in the outskirts of Xian, spiced meat in a pastry bun,
it was so fabulous we couldn't understand the success McDonalds is having in China

Traveling companions


This is Little Valley, the plan was to climb up and over into Big Valley.

Frank our guide gathering some fresh mountain water

When we reached the ridge we were amazed to see the golden harvest plain below

Mark resting on a quartz seat

An interesting hamlet half way up the mountain, notice the beehive hanging from the wall in the middle picture

As we were coming down , this chap was on his way to a Monastery high up on the skyline carrying a bag of sand

Eventually we arrived in the village and stayed in the white house

Our Landlady prepares breakfast in her magical wok

We got up early to take a lift further up the valley with the workmen, eventually running into a moving sunrise

We set off in search of caves and the entrance to one was in the stone building above
unfortunately the monk was away and had left the door locked

We spent half an hour meditating in this mountain temple. Our host was not a monk he was a pilgrim looking after the temple for the summer, a loveley man.

The tree in the right side picture is a Lacquer tree, A V is cut into the bark and the lacquer flows out.

It was this hot
, Marks scarf was soaked in stream water to keep him coolish

Walking back down the valley road we noticed the Fish Farm had an open day and we had a look around

I bet it took a long time to train these fish

Then the highlight of our little jaunt
We decided we had done enough climbing and like good Taoists we took the water way



This reservoir was emptied due to cracking after the earthquake




At last after 4 weeks a rice paddy


City Temple Xian

I was told standing on this symbol guaranteed immortality,
my question was, instead of or as well as 30 years of meditation



Harmony, Abbess of a Buddhist Temple in Xian, a wonderful women.



So Long, Farewel,l Auf Wiedersehen Goodbye




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