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Three months ago…it seems a very long time ago… the training with you in Wales. The impact it had and has on my life is enormous. I would like to thank you again for the tremendous effort from your side.
My personal process is hard to describe, and I will not try to
write it down in words, but it accelerated so many processes,
gave so many new views that the boat (me) is turning it's
direction .  In my current work I can go deeper than ever
and the feedback from my young clients is tremendously
positive.  The simple fact is: I'm relying now on my 
intuition and guidance from within. And the wisdom from
inside is the key in the processes now. I' m simply reading
my clients now…
Again, deep respect for you in providing the insights !!
FvG Holland



After a beautiful day out in Wales on Wednesday with Barry Spendlove from Natural Dao, I was left, as usual when out on Barry's walks, in a state of presence and contentedness. Barry is one of the most embodied people I've ever met, and walking with him with his deep knowledge of the land around Wales, nature in general and the physical form, provides a really strong base from which to engage with the interconnectedness of our own bodies and the body of the earth. Observing the deep sunsets, engaging with the trees, with the feeling of Autumn approaching, the earth changing and yet also ever present in stillness, led me to what I can only describe as a state of bliss.

S.M Manchester

my lungs/whole system is now supercharged from regular spinal chord breathing practise.  H.F. Totnes


I found this handbook makes perfect sense and helps me to practice the exercises/meditation more often. Thank you.
Also I’m really grateful for having the opportunity to have done the one to one session. It was very healing and empowering. Thank you so much!
D.S. 2014 Manchester

Thanks for a brilliant week of training. It has become part of my 'everyday'

B.M Eire


Dear Barry, Thanks for your Chinese take away! I ate most of it and it's done me good. 
I very much enjoyed your session at Heartwood with Erica etc. You reminded me about my knees when I practise quigong ...to keep them strong and solid. And every morning as part of my wake up I do the deep breathing, bending to squeeze out the last drop.
sue South Wales


I've just spend the most beautiful weekend in magical Wales with Barry Spendlove absorbing his knowledge of Daoist Alchemy. If you want to explore QiGong and the meditation practices of the Universal Healing Tao, he is the person to seek. I've never whispered 'wow' quite so much, or been so in love with my body.
My spine feels all shiny and smiley! (for those of you who know me, you will know this is miraculous) Check out his upcoming workshops! Go, you will be surprised and delighted and happy and many many other things too.

A Manchester

Hello Barry! I had a truly brilliant weekend. I can't wait to work together again. This is going to be the best adventure. 
Thank you for the songs, mp3s, movie and pdfs. I'm going to look at the dancing bones today, after my walk to the willow tree, and get back to you as soon as.
Thank you again for the weekend, and sharing what you know with such enthusiasm, wisdom and patience.
I have a very grateful spine.


January 10th 2015: It was not without some trepidation & nervousness that I set out for my first darkroom experience in Colwyn Bay with Barry Spendlove. To prevent myself from making a hasty retreat back to my trusted comfort zone, I reminded myself on the airplane over why I had chosen this particular experience: amidst the myriad of challenges, the daily routines, constant demands and happiness (J) that go along with building a fulfilling career, bringing up kids, and having stimulating relationships I had somehow lost sight of and connection with me. Who was I anymore? I even feared that “me” might have disappeared entirely. So I looked for a place, a person and a process where/with whom I thought I would most likely be able to find this me back again, and get to know her again.

I feel very grateful to have found this in Wales with Barry. Barry created an amazing (dark) space in Old Colwyn over 5 days in January, where I was able to experience everything I had hoped for and more – to truly connect with myself and universe, to get to know and appreciate their colours, their strength and their gentleness. To feel who I was and what I could be.

Eating fabulously natural food in the dark for a week was an incredible experience which has totally changed my approach to what I put in my mouth these days. The meditations and exercises which Barry expertly and knowledgeably guided us through at regular intervals, helped to both broaden and deepen the process for me.

Barry gradually re-introduced light on the last day and took us up into the wonderful (and very Windy) Welsh mountains. As we went up there I felt a huge surge of vitality which hasn’t (completely) left me yet! The whole experience was quite unique, unforgettable and has had a profound impact on me. Thank you Barry xx
J.A. Belgium

"At different points last night, I felt a deeper level of peace, deeply embodied, than maybe I've ever felt before. A belly level of peace! And at times I felt a Buddha chuckle wanting to well up. It was only self consciousness that stopped me making a sound. So, yeah, well good."
Maybe next time self-consciousness won't stop me!
Very best wishes,

M.A. N Wales

Hi Barry, 
a few sentences about your workshop,

Your experience and presence quickly got me in the chi gung zone. The opening talk has left many elemental ideas taking root in me. i was reinvigorated, thank you.

I enjoyed your blog videos,drawing my attention to the alchemy that underlies the beauty in the nature i am fortunately surrounded by. An uncomfortable morning out gardening transformed into a pleasure as i remembered to notice and then appreciate the interplay of energies; winter sun through bare woodland branches, our brash clearing fire roaring as the cold stream rushed easily by. I even managed to lift mindfully once or twice! 

R.S South Wales

A belated big THANK YOU for the weekend and for the accompanying pics. It was a magical journey in beautiful places with beautiful people, stepping through portals and connecting with nature and our own bodies within it.
There are many things I think and feel about the weekend: your beautiful house overlooking the bay, the incredible Snowdonian scenery, ancient sites, ancient trees, beer, food and that easy conviviality. It all made me realise that I should do more of it, after being cut off from it for a while post-work.
Hoping for more opportunities to connect with kindred spirits again soon.
D Manchester


Hi Barry,
thank you so much for a wonderful weekend - it was everything i wanted and more... I really love your teaching style - your passion and love of what you do and also your precision in how you communicate the movements and meditations that helps me to have a deeper understanding and knowing in my body.....
I did some lovely self massa
ge last night and this morning and lots of inner smiling. I had so much energy last night and this morning too, so i know this stuff is good for me!
SRB Wirral Oct 2012


Well first of all, I want to thank you for sharing your knowledge,
for sharing your house and making me feel at home, for your time and all those amazing places you introduced to me,
but most important for your pure and honest friendship, for those great chats, music and pub times...
I really enjoyed and filled my heart with nature and love.
- O. london may 06


Well first of all, I want to thank you for sharing your knowledge,
for sharing your house and making me feel at home, for your time and all those amazing places you introduced to me,
but most important for your pure and honest friendship, for those great chats, music and pub times...
I really enjoyed and filled my heart with nature and love.
- O. london may 06

thank you for a great week end, felt I made a big leap with my own health programme,
as a consequence of the stuff we did - tony c aug 05

iron shirt - high quality teaching from someone who has really integrated the work
and can communicate it effectively. strongly reccommended.
soups were good too - graham, reading july 04

thank you again for the course, i enjoyed it very much. i find that you teach from the heart
and that it makes an open and warm
space for the learner- m.a.r. dec 01

The process in the darkroom retreat was deeply nourishing and has restored a longstanding lack of energy with me.
The meditation and alchemy, I felt 1000 times more powerfully this time around
and my energy levels since have been fantastic and it was over two months ago.
Look forward to the next one!           J.T Universal Tao Associate Instructor


Barry Spendlove ran a Tai Chi training course for the Big Dipper in June 2009 which I attended.
I experienced a weekend of clear and purposeful instruction allied to warm friendship, not having known Barry prior to that,
and a series of great experiences in Tai Chi at the hands of a consummate teacher.
If you value the high quality one on one type of inner education that I personally do then you will not be disappointed.
Erudition and experience are married in his approach to the teaching of the most complicated forms
and he expounds clearly and lightly the essence of what he wishes to impart.
He sings well and wonderfully in the toning of the Taoist sounds and he holds an attunement like an Adept.

However, the real secret is the feeling I left Old Colwyn with
which was that I had thoroughly enjoyed both the learning and the company and I am deeply grateful for that.
If you wish to dance with the Universe and sing with the Stars and Planets, and lets face who wouldn’t,
take the Big Dipper weekend if you ever get the chance.
You will always be grateful you did. Thanks Barry for a great weekend of Tai Chi.”

Jo London june 09

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diolch barri am geueidy ardderchog.bob cariad dave july 04
p.s. "iechyd da"

tao centre colwyn - one of the few places on earth i can really be my selfi really enjoy the genuine laughter- rob spring 04

Happy days in the Darkhouse allowed me to clear all material distractions from my mind,
which meant I could get into the meditations faster and a lot deeper.     A.W. London

Well, what an experience that was! I didn't fully appreciate the effect until the next day .....
Once again, many thanks for a great workshop and an inspiring weekend.
J.T. herefords may 0 6

a thoroughly enjoyable experience, what a work out!! very relaxing interesting garden, you see something different every time you walk round
thanks barry - tony g. july 04