Meditation Audios

Here is a first selection of Barry’s meditation audios. More will be added the coming months, as we are still in the process of making the best selection.

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‘Start Here’ – The Smiling Present Moment

This is a short practice that combines Barry’s innovation of ‘tok sen’ tapping on the organs with healing sounds and smiling meditation.  A beautiful 10 minute taste of Barry’s meditation style.

Shaking and Toning

This is a physical and energetic practice that combines shaking, rooting and toning.

Rooting to Earths Water

A standing practice which draws on the earth’s water and the body’s sexual essence.

The Body’s Pure Water (kidney qigong, sexual health)

A standing practice which draws on the earth’s water and the body’s sexual essence.

Smiling Sounds Planetary Connections

A very deep and ‘advanced fundamental’ meditation on connecting to the planetary forces.

Healing Smile

A deep and powerful smiling meditation.

Radiant Smile

A shamanic smiling meditation connecting to the forces of the seven directions.

Smiling Inside, Smiling Outside

A deep and beautiful smiling meditation connecting the body to the forces of nature.

Earth Smiling Meditation

Meditation on the earth’s natural forces.  

Smiling In Earth

Connecting the body to the earth’s natural forces.

A Quantum Inner Smile

A short practice that connects deeply in the core channel.

Microcosmical Meditation

A meditation on the microcosmic orbit guided in Barry’s unique way.

Shaking/opening the Orbit

A short moving practice to open the microcosmic orbit.

Sexual Health

Sexual Health version 1

A meditation on the reproductive system for both male and female, including connecting the deep inner womb space to the seven directions.

Prostate Breathing and Smiling

Barry’s innovative breathing practice to connect with the male reproductive system.

Sexual Health version 2

Barry’s sexual health meditation with connection to cosmic forces.