QiGong Films in Nature

Bone Breathing near Castle Dinas Emrys

A walk on Dinas Emrys -Merlins Mountain, a sacred site in North Wales where the tale of Merlin and the Red and White Dragon is set. Includes Bone Breathing and Swimming Dragon Chi Kung. 

Tendon Qi Gong in Magic Wood

Some Tendon Stretches, Spiralling Tendon Qi Gong, Embracing the Tree, Earth Walking Meditations, and Tiger Walking Qi Gong Meditations in Magic Wood, North Wales.

Kidney Breathing at Llyn Gerionydd

Qi Gong in the beautiful landscape of North Wales. Water, which tends to be our lowest element, is our vitality. This QiGong opens our water channels, inviting earth’s water qi to support and combine with our own water qi. We add our sexual energy and use this rich Qi to nourish our brain, organs and tissue. A very energising and healing practice.

Deep Breathing Mountain Qi Gong

A short, simple, Qi Gong exercise to increase lung capacity and vitality. Set in the mountains of Snowdonia in North Wales.

Microcosmic Orbit With Trees

In this video, set in the woods of Duivelsberg near Nijmegen in the Netherlands, we activate the Microcosmic Orbit with intention, touch, breath, and movement, utilising the energy in a tree and movement to increase flow. .

Spinal Cord Breathing

An afternoon in the mountains of Snowdonia, sharing some deeper aspects of the essential spinal cord breathing practice.

Iron Shirt Qi Gong - Structure

This is a support film for anyone who has attended my Iron Shirt courses. The film was hidden on youtube but is now open to all. It is good to be able to skip to different parts of the film start.