Meditational Films in Nature

Playing with Earth & Heaven Llangelynin

chi kung and meditation near Llangelenyn Church in the beautiful nature of North Wales Opening the Five Elements to Heaven & Earth.

Merging with the Elements Bettws-y-Coed

An episode of Discovering Dao in the Celtic Landscape in which we observe the elements of nature merging and we join in the process. 

Playing with Dragons - Castle Dinas Emrys

A walk on Dinas Emrys -Merlins Mountain, a sacred site in North Wales where the tale of Merlin and the Red and White Dragon is set. Includes Bone Breathing and Swimming Dragon Chi Kung.

New Beginnings Pen-y-Benglog

New Beginnings was shot in the sacred celtic landscapes of North Wales and utilises the power of nature and its elements to support a process of dissolving, healing and rebirth.